School Supply List 2019-2020


No supplies needed. Your child will be given a tote bag, so no need to buy a back pack for your child.


We know many of you are wondering about a school supply list.  Please note that we ask that you not buy a backback for your child.  Peace Nursery Center will give each child a tote bag at the Open House and will encourage you to decorate and personalize the bag.

4K Supply List

(These items will be shared, please do not label.)

AM Classes:

1o count pack of washable markers (prefer Crayola, Classic Colors)

1 package of fat dry erase markers

1 glue bottle

2 rolls of Paper Towel

1 package small plain white paper plates

1 pkg. napkins

1 box sandwich sized ziplock bags

PM Classes:

4 pk. of glue sticks

1 pkg. water color paint

1 pack of skinny dry erase markers

1 pkg. plain white paper plates, large size

1 pkg. napkins

1 box snack sized ziplock bags

1 box Kleenex